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                    What does this website contain:

                           (a)  video and text on English Pronunciation for English learners who are Native Bengali Speakers (Driving Lessons)

                           (b)  video and text on Bengali Pronunciation for Non Bengali Speakers

                           (c)  recitations of English poems which contain English words with English sounds that Bangladeshis find difficult                                     to​ pronounce - (segmentals) 

                           (d) resources - text and video - which should be read aloud to help improve one's pronunciation (suprasegmentals)


                           (e) vocal exercises - which may be followed to improve one's singing/speech voice

                     Who should use it:


                          (a) Native Bengali Speakers who want to learn all the English sounds, the segmental and supra-segmental features

                                of English pronunciation with the ultimate aim of speaking English with an intelligible accent so that Non                                            Native Bengali Speakers can understand them easily.

                         (b)  Non Bangalis working in Bangladesh and children of Expat Bangladeshis living abroad who have difficulty in

                                making the Breathy Aspirated Bengali sounds. 




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