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Research Topics

     1. How long does it take learners to master different English sounds? - Ishtiaque

     2. What words or sounds did learners pronounce differently before taking the L plate?

     3.  How intelligible is the speech of a learner after mastering an English sound?

     4.  How are the vowel sounds of the learners? - 

     5.  How does one know on which syllable(s) to stress in a multi-syllabic word?

     6.  What teaching approach is most suitable for teaching English Pronunciation to rural teachers?

     7,   What are the motivating factors for learning English Pronunciation in rural Bangladesh?

     8.  Compare and  contrast the Adda in English and the Lyceum used by the ancient Greeks. Discuss PRAXIS in AIE

     9.  Investigate the different computer software available now  for pronunciation analysis and teaching.  i.e., AUDACITY, PRATT, IPA2L1pA etc.

Research Articles

    1.English Pronunciation Problems of the tertiary students in Bangladesh: A Case Study - Afsana Begum and M.A. Hoque, in International Refereed Research

        Journal (2016, pp 50-61), Vol VII, Issue 3, (Oct)

     2. The Influence of Local Varieties on the Sound Patterns of English: A Case Study of Bangladesh Tertiary student - M. A Hoque, in IIUC Studies, Vol, 7, (pp.


Research Data

     Adda in English


        (b)  Comments on Mentor-Mentee talks

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